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Merlin shows Petards flair

8 May 2009

Trials to test the Defensive Aids Suite (DAS) for the Merlin HM Mk1 were completed recently with Petards coming through with flying colours.

The technically complex task was successfully managed by DE&S' Merlin team in response to an Urgent Operational Requirement.

Trials marked the end of a busy period involving staff from the Merlin team, Air Warfare Centre, Petards Joyce-Loebl and a host of other industry partners.

The first aircraft is set to be deployed on a Type 23 frigate Merlin flight later this year. The DAS has been designed to detect and defeat missile threats using a combination of missile warners, decoys and jamming to confuse missile guidance systems.

Petards Joyce-Loebl were awarded the contract to manufacture and supply the ALE-47 dispensing equipment as well as supplying essential technical and engineering support throughout the project.

DE&S Project manager Emil Dowdeswell added: "This project has been a major challenge from the start. Without a strong commitment from the team and recognition that everyone can make a difference, we would not have succeeded.

The MOD and industry has pulled together to guarantee that every opportunity has been taken to ensure this programme maintained schedule and delivered a new and effective capability to Merlin Mk 1."
Article extracts courtesy of 'de&s desider' magazine

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