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Driver Controlled Operation

Minimise platform dwell time whilst ensuring passenger safety

eyeTrain - no surround

Ensure your fleet departs from stations swiftly and safely.


The digital eyeTrain DCO system displays clear, live images of each doorway to the train driver, allowing them to ensure the safe boarding and alighting of passengers.

The solution provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or screens as the train driver can continue to monitor the side of the train for possible hazards after station departure.

Key features

  • Operational in all lighting conditions - Wide dynamic range high definition digital camera with pixel level exposure control, avoiding under or over exposure
  • Camera modules supplied in robust IP65 sealed enclosures with internal and anti-condensation heating
  • Guaranteed end to end latency of less than 300ms
  • Captured images contain timestamp, location and metadata, cross checked at multiple points to ensure driver sees accurate footage
  • Optional recording of images.


Support and accreditations

Chosen for vehicles worldwide

You can rely on our highly skilled engineers to support you from the specification of your project, whether new build or retrofit, to the installation and lifetime support of our products (up to 30 years and beyond).

Our eyeTrain Driver Controlled Operation solution complies with client approved development processes and:

  • UK Rail Group Standard RIS-2703-RST
  • EN 50155
  • EN 50121
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004 (EMS 534323)
  • PAS 99:2012 (IMR 534323)
  • ISO 9001:2008 (FM21102)
  • IEC 61508 (SIL 1).

Driver Controlled Operation view

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