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Rail safety solutions

Maximise fleet availability and customer safety

eyeTrain - no surround

Use the latest digital technology offered by our eyeTrain solutions to maximise the safety of your fleet.

Our eyeTrain products have been developed with the ever increasing demands of the rail industry in mind, they will maximise the safety of your passengers and fleet, whilst providing you with a very lean life cycle cost.

Driver Controlled Operation (DOO)

Ensure your fleet departs from stations swiftly and safely with eye-Train DCO.

The digital eyeTrain DCO system displays clear, live images of each doorway to the train driver, allowing them to ensure the safe boarding and alighting of passengers. The solution provides a significant safety advantage over platform mounted mirrors or screens.

Driver Reminder Appliance (DRA)

Reduce incidents of ‘Starting Against Signal’ (SAS) and ‘Signals Passed at Danger’ (SPADs).

The eyeTrain Driver Reminder Appliance (DRA) is a manual switch based system. It prevents traction power from being applied when it is engaged and acts as a reminder to the driver to check the signal aspect ahead when stationary, before starting away again.

Track debris camera

Reduce stoppage time with instantly accessible, high definition video footage.

The digital eyeTrain ruggedised Track debris camera allows you to perform close inspection of the approaching track during the investigation and analysis of operational incidents, accidents and near misses.

“The quality is exceptional, the detail is significantly better than expected. The ability to pause and zoom is excellent. 

John Marshall, East Coast Route Performance Manager.

"It is essential the travelling public feel confident and secure. We were impressed with the high-quality images from the new technology.”

Andy Mellors, Engineering Director at First Group.

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