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PC boot mounted ANPR solution

Powerful and function rich mobile in-car technology

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Feeds from up to 8 cameras and real time alerts, without additional hardware.


The QRO Solutions PC boot mounted ANPR technology meets the high demands of specialised police vehicles with the ability to provide ANPR, video recording and speed enforcement.

The traditional PC based setup, coupled with our Check-IT ANPR software, allows specialised (traffic/pursuit/firearm ANPR) vehicles to actively respond to real time alerts read from the in-car cameras and any fixed site camera within the force.

Vehicles of interest databases can be held locally on the vehicle or database matching can take place in real time with the force back office over the
4G network.

Any captured footage can be transferred to the QRO Solutions Multimedia Vault to allow officers to view, edit and burn video clips.

Key features

  • Up to 5 video input channels to support two dual ANPR cameras and additional video recording camera
    • Video expansion available to support up to 8 channels)
    • Multiple recording cameras can be utilised to record independently or simultaneously, including forward, rear and internally facing
    • Video recording can be invoked manually by the operator or triggered on an event such as the 999 function
  • Full camera control is possible from the user interface (GUI) controlled from a single application
  • High performance Haswell central processing unit (CPU) i7, i5, i3
    • SSD, HDD, or combination of 2.5" + mSATA hard disk drives supported
  • Up to 16GB memory capacity
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports
  • Wireless connectivity now including 4G
  • Operates in a wide variety of temperatures
  • Same unit footprint as M-PC2 & M-PC3 and compatible with the
    M-PC3 screen
  • The equipment can be wired into the car ignition to ensure continuous recording the whole time the vehicle is in use.



QRO Solutions PC boot mounted ANPR technology integrates with ProVida 4000 to capture court admissible video evidence, meaning it can assist you with:

  • Traffic management and monitoring
  • Fixed penalty offences
  • Mobile surveillance
  • High speed pursuits
  • Covert operations.


Support and accreditations

PC hardware is AES5 Issue 10, e/E Mark, all hardware and software provided within the system assures compliance with BOF 2.2 and NASP ANPR performance standards.

Speeding traffic on an English motorway with long exposure for motion blur

Receive real time alerts

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For more information

Call +44 (0) 1604 781 890 or email 

PC boot mounted ANPR applications

  • Surveillance/security
  • Traffic enforcement
  • Traffic flow monitoring
  • Accident scences

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology is referred to as Automatic License Plate Reader/Recognition (ALPR) technology in the USA and other countries.

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